Irvine Branch

18881 Von Karman, Fifth Floor
Irvine, CA 92612
Main Number – 949-430-3700
Main Fax – 949-430-3701
Toll Free – 866-698-9544
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Contact Our Staff:
Jeff Fox
Division President
Direct: 949-430-3715
Fax: 949-861-6390
Bryan Kelley
Senior Vice President
County Manager
Direct: 949-430-3709
Fax: 949-242-2512
Eric Hungerle
Vice President
Sales Manager
Direct: 949-430-3716
Fax: 949-242-2862
Mark Russell
Vice President
Lender Division Manager
Direct: 949-430-3721
Dave Smith
Vice President
Title Operations Manager
Direct: 949-430-3765
Deanna Baker
Orange County Escrow
Operations Manager
Direct: 949-430-3726
Fax: 949-271-4797
Sara Spangler
Sr. Escrow Officer
Direct: 949-430-3727
Fax: 949-266-9571
Dane T. McClain
Assistant Vice President
Senior Escrow Officer
Direct: 949-430-3705
Fax: 949-242-2695
DiAnne Deutsch
Senior Escrow Officer
Direct: 949-430-3711
Fax: 714-242-9769
Amanda Bauer
Escrow Officer
Direct: 949-430-3703
Fax: 949-271-4862
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Amanda Bauer

Escrow Officer

Amanda Bauer started her escrow career in 2011 as she was hired as an escrow assistant. Since then, Amanda has gained a great deal of experience working on a wide range of escrow transactions including Residential Resale’s, Commercial Property, Business/Bulk sales, Short Sales, 1031 Exchanges, and Refinances. Amanda is dedicated to her work. She gives 100% to every task at hand and prides herself on following through in all tasks that are given to her. Since 2011, she has been putting her drive, dedication, and commitment to work in the escrow industry and continues to grow individually and with WFG Title Company. Outside of escrow, Amanda likes to spend time with her family and friends. She is very active and enjoys going to the gym, hiking, running, and playing soccer.

Mirtys Rodriguez
Senior Escrow Officer
Direct: 949-430-3741
Fax: 949-271-3616
David Delamora
Customer Service Manager
Direct: 949-430-3724
Alex McQuerry
Payoff Supervisor
Direct: 949-430-3702
Fax: 949-242-2498
Diane Tennyson
Senior Title Officer
Direct: 949-430-3728
Fax: 949-271-2562
Jan Vaccaro
Senior Title Officer
Direct: 949-430-3722
Fax: 949-271-5668
Celia Grose
Senior Title Officer
Direct: 949-430-3743
Fax: 949-435-6267