How to launch a real estate career with Facebook marketing

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How to launch a real estate career with Facebook marketing

When Mor Zucker became a real estate agent, she was a newbie at a brokerage full of industry veterans. And she was told, this is how we do real estate: Send out flyers, put your ads in magazines and pay $500 to be in the newspaper.

But this puzzled her —  “Why would I be advertising where I don’t spend my time?” she wondered. “All my friends are on Facebook.”

Within two months of being a Realtor in the state of Colorado at Kentwood Real Estate, Zucker’s personal website generated more hits than any other agents’ sites in the company. In the month of May, for example, she had 10,000 hits. In second place was the brokerage’s main page at 2,600.

The world has changed drastically since the days when expensive print marketing ruled, and Zucker is taking advantage and producing serious results. On the Inman Connect stage, she shares how you can, too.

Get the full rundown on Zucker’s lifestyle blog — where you can find a full guide to brunch in Denver, but don’t expect to see anything about home appraisals (boring!) Learn how she’s mastered the art of being productive, not busy, by blocking off a couple hours per week to schedule out her social media posts in advance, and how to create the perfection fusion between Facebook and your website to build momentum and followers.


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