Real estate analytics company Terradatum acquires VScreen and OnHoldUSA

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Real estate analytics company Terradatum acquires VScreen and OnHoldUSA

Major real estate analytics leader Terradatum just announced the acquisition of two media companies owned by Schweickart, Inc.

Terradatum, which provides real estate analytics and metrics software, is acquiring VScreen and OnHoldUSA. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

VScreen specializes in real estate video content, such as videos made from stitching together a listing’s photos and property data. OnHoldUSA offers voice messaging services used in everything from videos to phone messaging.

Terradatum CEO Mark Spraetz told Inman that his company has been collaborating with VScreen for years, in particular for analytics content presented in video format.

“As we start to realize the increasing role video plays and the growing role millennials play, this just seemed like the natural evolution of a partnership,” Spraetz told Inman. “We see this as an expansion of our product service portfolio.”

As part of its push to reach both millennials and real estate brokers interested in incorporating more multimedia content into their offerings, Terradatum will be bringing more of these multimedia features to both existing content and to its branding and distribution services.

“A lot of brokerage firms recognize the value in having video, but it still seems to be a bit perplexing in terms of how to manage that content and distribute it effectively,” Spraetz said.

As a result, Terradatum will be working to make its real estate analytics more accessible to both younger audiences and the larger agent and real estate community through the use of video and audio. Together, the three companies will be serving brokerage firms that operate over 10,000 offices and represent more than 450,000 MLS members.

“That’s where we’re going to see a lot of synergy,” Spraetz said.

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